Ashlar is the term used for finely dressed stone which is cut to fit in the general face of the wall. Ashlar can be supplied by us either as sawn six sides or scant form for stonemasons to shape on site

Guillotined stone (Rubble stone)

Random Rubble

With random rubble wall, the stone is processed with a guillotine in the sizes that they are extracted from the quarry. The stone shape is then roughly dressed with a hammer. We can also dress the face of the stone with other techniques shown.

When building with random rubble, the appearance of the wall largely depends on the skill and taste of the stonemason. This type of walling generally ‘fills in’ between dimensional stone quoins and dressings.

Sawn and Split (Coursed Rubble)

With coursed rubble stone, the stone is first processed using a stone saw to achieve the required course height. It is then guillotined and dressed with a hammer. Additional textures can be achieved like the photographs displayed. When building with coursed rubble the appearance depends on the design required and the skill of the stonemason.

This type of walling also ‘fills in’ between dimensional cut stone quoins and dressings.

Other traditional finishes can be achieved with the products by a stonemason if required.

Please note, different products may have various restrictions due to the following reasons: Natural stone bed height, length, width and the processing of material required. We are happy to advise at the design stage of your build.


Marnhull Stone can be used for cills, lintels, quoins and other dressings if required. Here are some examples including where it has been used through the centuries.


With local stonemasons we can offer a variety of designs for your fireplace and with the use of CAD this further enables us to create a bespoke fireplace designed for you.

Here are some previous designs.

As we design and construct more fireplaces, more photos will be added.


We believe that marnhull stone has a unique look when used for flooring. Along with various finishing techniques and products that are required to seal limestone floors, we can enhance the natural beauty of our stone. Photos will be added to this page as we fit new floors.