Clavellata Bed

This particular bed of stone in the past has been overlooked and generally thrown to one side to get to the Marnhull / Todber Freestone beds.

I noticed on closer inspection of the raw material that it has a large and interesting range of Fossil content.

Again, we are running production trials with this beds suitability as flooring. Also this bed looks like it will be suitable for Random walling and possibly dry stone walling as local churches dating back centuries have used this particular bed for such purposes.

On faces of the Quarry which have been exposed to the elements over the last 25-30 years this particular bed has performed well as a good solid bed, whereas the brash and marl beds that are above and below have severe frost damage. The brash and marl beds get used for the restoration of the quarry floor.

There is a certain amount of Clay within this bed also.